Refund & Cancellation Policy

Refund & Cancellation Policy




The applicant & employer/company shall be solely responsible for the accuracy of the data/information contained in their Resume & Job Post and undertakes to indemnify of all costs and consequences arising out of any incorrect information provided by him to

The service once subscribed to by the employer/company is not refundable & non-transferable and all amount(s) paid shall stand appropriated. In case of payment by Credit Card, no charge back shall be accepted by


Employers Please Note -  If you Purchase any next packages from packages provided, the earlier package will automatically lapse/ expire.

Eg. If Employer Purchase Package-2 i.e  3-Job Post and during the validity, employer utilized only 1 or 2 job post & purchased Database Access Package, in this case Package-2 , purchased earlier will expire/ lapse .


 “All Disputes and Differences whatsoever arising out of or in relation to the contract or order of Service, a billing correction therewith or otherwise or breach thereof shall be referred for resolution to a competent person appointed by at its sole discretion.


These terms and conditions are subject to change with or without prior intimation. Service buyer is bound by all the terms & conditions mentioned on the website. Saturday, Sunday and Bank holidays are not to be counted as working days.


We do not refund any membership / subscription / service fees on Cancellation. Either you or your authorized representative may cancel your paid subscription at any time, for any reason or no reason. Such cancellation will become effective upon adequate notice to the other party.
Upon the effective moment of cancellation of your paid subscription, your rights and privileges under this policy becomes null.

We do not refund any membership / subscription / service fees.

Payment refund request for any reasons are not entertained, not even to the ones mentioned below:-


1. Recruiters not receiving adequate responses to the Jobs they have posted.

2. Job Seekers not receiving job responses to the applications they have made.

3. If offered services will not be delivered within 30 days after receiving payment, then you can cancel the order, will refund your amount within next 30 days.